If you are considering selling your property with Julian Reid, Estate Agents in Stoke Newington and would like a valuation or advice, please telephone our office and we will be happy to arrange an appointment to suit you. Alternatively, complete the online registration form and we will contact you. All valuations for market sale are undertaken entirely without cost or obligation.

In this very competitive housing market there are a number of things you should do prior to placing your property for sale that will increase your chances of selling quickly and at a price that you are happy with.

Properties that are overpriced simply will not sell and, although you can bring the price down later, this may give the appearance that there is something wrong with it. It is certainly worth doing some research of your own to establish what you think would be a realistic asking price. Also, get at least 3 agents to value your home and ensure you ask them to supply you with some comparable evidence to support their valuation. It is not wise to select an agent purely based on their high valuation.

As well as the rather fundamental business of getting the price right, it is also a good idea to contact your solicitor to ensure that any issues which may cause complications later on in the sales process are ironed out in advance. Planning or boundary disputes may present problems for your buyer and sales can often fall apart for these reasons so sorting out beforehand can save a lot of stress and disappointment.

Also, you will never realise your home’s potential if it is not presented correctly. Five steps to help you:

  • Complete any half finished jobs – most people prefer to see a well cared and happy home so replace broken hinges or handles and finish any paint jobs. Make sure the seal around baths and basin is clean and free of mould or limescale.
  • Touch up chipped paintwork and ensure windows are clean and the front door and any communal areas are tidy – first impressions!
  • Tidy up front and back gardens. Dig up weeds, mow the lawn and trim hedges. Plant some colourful flowers. The front area is especially important as many people will drive past before viewing.
  • Turn rooms back into their intended functions. If you are using a spare room as a study, get a bed back in their instead. If your dining area has become a playroom, clear the toys away and allow people to see how they may use the room.
  • Call us! – presentation is everything. At Julian Reid Estate Agents we use professional photographers and floor-planners. This is standard for all properties and at no extra cost. We make sure that your home is seen at it’s very best.

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