House price increases accelerated in April, rising by 9.9% compared with the same month a year ago, according to official figures.

The typical price of £260,000 grew at the fastest rate for nearly four years.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said prices rose strongly across the UK, with Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland all picking up pace.

London, where prices were up 18.7%, remains the driving force behind the housing revival.

But excluding London and the South East of England, the cost of a home was still 6.3% higher than 12 months before.

The governor of the Bank of England said he would take prompt action, if action was needed.

Writing in the Bank's annual report, Mark Carney said: "We will not hesitate to take further proportionate and graduated action as warranted," Carney said. He added that the Bank's Financial Policy Committee, which is meeting today, had announced measures in November to reduce stimulus to the housing market."

In March, the ONS calculated that the annual rate of increase had fallen back slightly to 8%, so the April figures shows the market accelerating once again.

April house price inflation was 10.4% in England, 3.3% in Wales, 4.8% in Scotland and 2.6% in Northern Ireland - all higher than the previous month.