The Assembly Market has been put together by Jannine Newman, the founder of Hackney-based loungewear company Under the Cloth. It will feature a collection of over 20 designers who will come together at Abney Hall to sell their wares on Saturday and Sunday. Newman began planning the event after she spotted a gap in the market. “It was a little hard to find appropriate places to sell my slow-fashion range,” she says.

“I noticed that some of the events people were selling at were more craft-led, and that doesn’t necessarily sit well with fashion. The decision to set up the event was made on a whim; I asked Justine Tabak if she wanted to be part of it and thought ‘if she says yes then I’m on to something.’ Once she gave it her blessing I looked to find a hall and thought ‘lets just go and see what happens.”

Visitors will be able to browse a diverse range of fashion products all under one roof. There will be linen clothing from Cornwall and Rutland, hand-knits and dresses from London, pyjamas, kaftans and childrenswear. The Assembly Market will also feature artwork, prints, cushions, quilts and other select vintage wares, as well as jewellery and bags.

“The ethos is very much: buy less and buy better,” continues Newman. “The event is about sustainability, ethics and being mindful about our consumption – without being high-brow. Everyone involved is lovely, some have made products especially for the event. It’s a chance for customers to meet the designers, talk to them and feel the fabrics. The vibe I am getting from the designers is that it’s all a little bit new.”

The Assembly Market will feature stalls from Justine Tabak, Nadinoo, Spry Workwear, Phaedra Clothing and Daydress, as well as items for sale from printmakers Jess Albert and Elvira Van Vredenburgh. Newman is understandably looking forward to opening the first Assembly Market from 11am on Saturday. “I’m really excited to bring people together, the overriding emotion is contentment. It’s a kind of pleasure to see people excited about it.”

The Assembly Market is at Abney Hall, Stoke Newington Church Street, N16 0AS on Saturday (11am-6pm) and Sunday (11am-5pm) this weekend